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Tour 1

Devrent Valley Fairy Chimneys Valley
Fairy chimneys are as nature made them, untouched. There seem to be flocks and herds every where, frozen in stone. With a little effort of imagination a mass of rock may suddenly become a giant turkey from a slightly different angle and with a certain squint, loom forth as a dinosaur ready to plod the earth again. In this valley, nature has turned sculptor with a human bent.

Zelve Open Air Museum
Zelve was inhabited until 1950,when an earthquake caused enough damage to convince the dwellers to move the village a kilometer away to level ground that was thought to be safer. The brood of fairy chimneys here tend to be small and multiheaded, often of onion shape like the domes of Russia .

Pasabagi - Monks Valley
Pasabagi masses are only partially divided, fused cones with double and triple caps. A three – capped chimney in the middle of the valley was a retreat to the monk Simeon. It is hollowed out in three levels. Unlike his namesake in Syria , the famous St. Simeon stylite who lived at the top of a column with only the sky for a roof and the swarming air for shelter, this Simeon chose a ready made pillar in the landscape.

Avanos - Pottery Workshops
On the banks of the Kizilirmak, Avanos was known to the Romans as Vanessa. Historical relics from the Hittites to the Byzantines have been unearthed at Topakli Hüllük ( Tumulus ). The most famous handicraft is pottery.

Goreme Open Air Museum
The famous Open Air Museum in Cappadocia . Here, clustered with in a relatively small compass, are numerous monasteries and some of the most fascinating churches of the region, deemed worthy of inclusion and protection in a national museum.

Within its precincts are 15 churches large and small, seven refectories and various tombs and cellars including wine cellars. Some of the outlying churches are also under museum jurisdiction.

The Kizlar Monastery – The St. Basil Chapel – Elmali Church – The Church of St. Barbara – Yilanli Church – Karanlik Church – CarIklI Church – TokalI Church.

Goreme Valley Panaroma
A magnificent panoramic view of the fairyland landscape is available from the top Panoramic view point from Esentepe. Cafe & Tea break is taken here.

The Citadel of Uchisar
This is the highest point in the whole region. This towering formation swarms with hollowed – out dwellings which were occupied until the threat of earthquake forced their evacuation. There are also stalagmite – like formations into which were hewn warrens and cells put to various uses in former times.

Pigeon Valley - Pigeon Houses
Near Uchisar is a valley that has become quite popular with hikers. It is known by many names (Valley of the Pigeon Lofts, Dovecote Valley , Pigeon Valley ) but they all refer to the thousands of pigeon houses that have been carved into the soft tufa since ancient times. Although they can be found throughout Cappadocia , they are especially plentiful in this valley which is one of the greatest collections of pigeon lofts in the world. They were carved where ever space allowed including abandoned caves. In Cappadocia , pigeons have long been a source of food and fertilizer. The advent of chemical fertilizers has reduced the use of pigeon fertilizer. However, some farmers still maintain their lofts because they insist that the reputation of Cappadocian fruits as the sweetest and most succulent in Turkey is entirely due to the pigeons' droppings.

Tour 2

Kaymakli or Derinkuyu Underground Cities
Kaymakli is an extremely complex underground city in four layers comprising rooms for grain storage, the stabling of animals, aging of wine, and every possible necessity of rural life. There are safe, strong doors, chapels and secret escape routes, with labyrinths and dead – end corridors to give an intruder some very bad moments at the least.

Derinkuyu (literally, ‘ Deep Well ') Eight levels reaching to a depth of 85 meters have thus far been discovered in this underground city. As well as being ventilated by vertical air shafts, the levels communicate via wells dug for water. Stone doors in the shape of great wheels can be rolled across the passageways to seal them off. Apart from storage rooms, sleeping chambers and kitchens, there are large halls and what would seem to be a cruciform church.

Ihlara Valley– Grand Canyon
Mount Hasan, hard by this valley, was formed in the in the Miocene and Pliocene.Then, during the Neogene and Quarternary, as volcanic lava poured over the region, great fissures opened, down which water found its way to become the Melendiz River and cut out a canyon 14 kilometers long whose walls reach heights of 100 and 200 meters. In antiquity this river was known as the Potamus Cappadocus.

Church beneath the Tree – Sümbüllü Church - Yilanli Church . Total 4 km walking.

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